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Down by the head and with all the lifeboats away Captain Justin Welby assures all the remaining passengers of the Anglicanic that they should stay with the ship and keep their chequebooks wide open.

Bluntly, it would have been too good to be true if Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, could have kept all of these bloated theocrats at the Lambeth Conference together, let alone bring peace and reconciliation. The Episcopal Church [TEC] the branch of Anglicanism in the United States was suspended for three years, precisely because of its acceptance of same-sex marriage.

The Anglican Church of Canada escaped similar treatment only because its primate Fred Hiltz beats around the bush regarding this year's pending vote on changes to the Marriage Cannon and the introduction of gay marriage.


Gene Robinson, the TEC bishop at the bottom of this ecumenical spat, is an archetypical Anglican clergyman. Like so many of his kind, struggling to hide his sexual orientation from public view, he cast about for a woman upon whom to foist two children and create a heterosexual identity. And it worked! How often have I heard parishioners say: "Oh, Bishop X, what a lovely man..." Then others respond, "But he is gay". Only to hear, "Oh no, he has two lovely children..." The apparent naivety of Anglican adherents is boundless.

The wife and kids are condemned to an Anglican twilight zone, where they may see daylight once a year on the hypocrite's Christmas card or, for the lucky wife, work in a basement soup kitchen or chair the local meeting of Alchoholics Anonymous.

Then Robinson decided the moment was right to 'come out'. He abandoned his heterosexual spouse and two children and proceeded to marry his live-in boyfriend, whom he has since divorced. At best, a very confused individual, and at worst a liar and hypocrite of astounding proportions.

The ACoC has its own 'Robinson': Dean Peter Elliot who 'came out' a few years back at an Anglican Communion synod with all the subtlety of a German brass band. I know Elliot reasonably well from my days in Vancouver, and his gayness to one side, I found him to be a most unpleasant individual; rather lacking in Christian values. Well at least he did not marry into the heterosexual community, and he eventually owned his sexual orientation after many years working 'undercover'.


Time to Reveal your Hidden Agenda

Tell the Truth

It is now time for Primate Hiltz and the other 6500 bishops, priests, deacons and hangers-on of the ACoC to declare their sexual orientation. In the light of what has happened to the TEC, I believe that it is essential that the truth be told. It is impossible to run a megachurch from the dim interior of a Toronto closet using hidden agendas and frequent statements couched in confusing Anglican bafflegab.


Fred Hiltz must have been somewhat galled by the fact that Canterbury welcomed Archbishop Foley Beach, Primate of the Anglican Church of North America [ACNA] to the meeting. Hiltz, backed by a complicit and confused Canadian Judiciary, has been repossessing churches of the Anglican Network in Canada [ANiC], which is in communion with the ACNA, and turning their conservative congregations onto the street. Given that the schism was initiated by Hiltz; Elliot and the ex-bishop of New Westminster Michael Ingham [a lovely man with two children] it does appear that the ACNA and the ANiC are the churches which are avoiding apostasy and staying faithful to current gospel teaching. Certainly, the archbishop of Uganda seemed to think so, because he voted with his feet on the second day of the conference.

What does Hiltz think? His henchmen decry the ANiC [just as they did with Abba Ministries of Canada, when we moved our National Office to Halifax, NS twelve years ago, when he was bishop of NS and PEI]. A recent 'put-down' leaked from Hayden Street suggested the numbers attending the ANiC churches were 'insignificant', yet as secretive and sensitive as the ACoC is about shrinking attendance, it is plain to see that the gospel faithful ANiC is growing and outstripping Hiltz's liberal cafeteria Christianity.

As the older Anglican adherents shuffle off this mortal coil year by year, relieved of their financial assets by a promise of eternity with their loved ones in an Anglian graveyard, [read the small print folks, because you may end up trapped in the concrete foundations of a new high-rise] I wonder who Hiltz is planning to bilk in order to pay the aforementioned 6500 salaries, and the property upkeep [all of which consumes 95% of the dollars that they rake in] in the immediate future?


In an interim statement on January 15th, Hiltz said: "We struggled with the fragility of our relations in response to the actions taken by the General Convention of The Episcopal Church in changing its canon on marriage, making provision for the blessing of same sex marriages... some of us wept."

He continued, hinting at secular smoke and mirrors to come: "On this matter I shall not comment further just now, as I intend to write some reflections for release on Monday January 18, 2016. They will speak not only to the issue of same sex marriage, but also the host of other critical global issues discussed in our meeting."

At the time of writing, January 21st, there has been no statement from Hayden Street; although I am sure that the gnomes are aggressively burning midnight oil.

Hiltz will be encouraged that GLBT issues are on the agenda at Davos; doubtless, he will be trying to get Trudeau's ear in the hopes of some support from our amateurish Prime Minister. In the meantime, he needs to realize that after causing an unwanted schism in the church in Canada, 'gay' Anglicanism TEC and ACoC only claims [with the maximum statistical manipulation] 2.5 million adherents. This accounts for less than 2.5% of Anglicans worldwide. Hiltz absolutely does not have a mandate to cause yet another schism, or to ride roughshod over the 400,000 Anglican adherents who are gospel faithful and members of the increasingly oppressed heterosexual community in Canada.
I am mindful of Abraham Lincoln's second inaugural address: 'God cannot be for, and against the same thing at the same time. ... The prayers of both could not be answered." As Lincoln came to see it, the Civil War was a national atonement for the sin of slavery. His Grace, Archbishop the most reverend Frederick Hiltz would do well to reflect upon this, and perhaps see his position for what it is. Just plain wrong.

As I watch Fred Hiltzí increasingly bizarre leadership of the ACoC and observe the deliberate damage that he and his minority inflicts upon Christianity in Canada, I also weep.

Everyone, regardless of sexual orientation needs to be loved and interpretation of the Gospel must be left to each individual pastor and his or her conscience: the only mentor that we need is The Holy Ghost, Jesus of Nazareth and our loving God.

In Christ


January 2016. The opinions expressed in this article are mine, and mine alone, and should not be attributed to any other person or organization including Abba Ministries of Canada.

Author: Rev. Malachy Egan
Article Date: January 2016

"Love God with all your heart,
and love your neighbour as yourself."